Thursday, June 08, 2006


Well, after the honour of being added to Thanet Blog List I decided to try adding it as a link. I got very hot and bothered and had to have several tries but got there in the end. I think it might be the only one, even though I enjoy most of the other bloggers. Skin of Stars said I had to "get down and dirty with the code" but I think I will just get dirty with my compost instead, it's easier.

And anyway why do I keep going on about my loud and brash summer gladioli when the dainty, little late sping flowering Gladiolus byzantinus has suddenly produced it's pretty deep magenta flowers with the onset of this lovely weather we are having.

Yesterday, when I got back from work, I suggested to my daughter that we go back to the allotment. I knew that I might be pushing my luck and I was right, so I took her to the station as she felt London was calling for a couple of days. She might be back for the weekend so I will try again then.


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