Monday, June 12, 2006


I went to the allotment early yesterday (I will never get there as early as the retired gentlemen though). But I stayed too long and although I arrived home before midday I still got burnt. My daughter was just thinking of getting up at that time, along with prize headache, so she missed out again (her idea of a tan will never materialise as it was then too hot to go out).

I invited guests for dinner last night and had already bought a joint but cooking it with accompaniments involved me running from the kitchen after every 10 minutes and splashing myself with cold water. But it was lovely to sit in the garden all evening chatting and imbibing even if this morning I had the headache. At least the numbers still added up at work this morning.

It has nearly cooled down enough for me to go and tackle the front lawn now(once the Archers has finished). It is about 2 foot high as it is full of spring bulbs that can't be mowed until June so it may be a bit every day this week.


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