Sunday, November 19, 2006

Thanet Allotments

I attended a meeting for allotment holders a while ago hosted by Paul Verrall (Parks Manager) and Brian White (Planning). The intention is to sell off the Manston Road allotments in Ramsgate to use for housing and the money raised to be used to upgrade the rest of the allotments in Thanet. Allotments, nationally and locally, are now being recognised as an essential part of leisure and exercise for a large range of people as well as the production of fresh, frequently organic food and are to be encouraged. However one of the outcomes of the meeting was that allotments would be upgraded to a certain extent but with the good guy, bad guy act it was shown that although some of the money would be used the rest of it was to go into the council's coffers. The sale of that land should bring a lot more than Bury's Lowry but should only be used for allotments (some of which are in a dire state) and not for more councillors jollies.


At 12:20 pm, Blogger The Angina Monologues said...

I agree LW. Not been able to get up there much since the op, but I think the proposal is a diabolical liberty. The only thing the council is interested in growing appears to be concrete and council tax receipts.

At 5:18 pm, Blogger ascu75 said...

As a church (Saint Paul's Nortdown Road Cliftonville)we have an allotment at Dane Valley and I must say the improvement are good but are a long way from perfect. Whilst not in favour of getting rid of green spaces and also the fact of I believe 2,000 plus houses at Westwood I have to say the money for improvements needs to come from somewhere. I must also say there are spaces available at Dane Valley. I agree with you Angina Monologues we are becoming concreted over without a thought for wild life consrevation.


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