Monday, June 19, 2006

An exciting weekend

What a lot of activity in Thanet this weekend.

I walked around Minster open Gardens on both Saturday and Sunday. It is the best opportunity to be nosey and either praise or criticise what other people do to their gardens ( always praise to their face ,of course!). Funnily enough it is nearly always the smaller gardens that are more creative and interesting, I only saw one very large one that was good but he had split it into several areas so that one could never see it all at the same time. There is nothing exciting about a vast expanse of lawn with shrubs around the edge. I must get some Sisyrinchium, they were everywhere but so pretty.

And then there was Cliffsend Garden Club Summer Show, which was unfortunately not very well attended and it is such a shame when so much work goes into staging these shows.

My sister is staying with me for a few days and for some bizarre reason got bored with gardens, so I dropped her and my daughter off in Broadstairs so that they could do girlie things like hairdressers and shopping. That meant going past the airport several times and there were a lot of planes around. Watching the Red Arrows land and park is a beautiful sight. The back-up team stands to attention as soon as they land and the parking sequence is perfectly timed like a dance.


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