Sunday, February 10, 2008

Has spring sprung

I spent the last two days walking around London. Went to stay with my daughter on Thursday and decided to do some family research around the City all day on Friday including ancient burial grounds. I got chucked out of Guildhall Library at 5pm and decided to look at the Art Gallery, which was a mistake as they were really closed too, and I got myself caught up in a private viewing but the artist was nice and the wine welcome by that time.
On Saturday my daughter walked me all over the Isle of Dogs which was lovely but I told her I didn't need my coat (would she listen!)
Today I just feel unable to move but with weather like this I had to go into the garden. I took a saw with me thinking I might cut some overgrown trees down a bit on the border with next door a quick attempt and I knew I didn't have the energy, but, with luck the neighbour was out too and said pass me the saw and I'll do it from this side. So with little effort on my part the garden is looking much better - now that's what I call gardening.

Crocuses and snowdrops with daffodils to follow - Happy Days


At 8:01 pm, Blogger Rick said...

We have two allotments. I have just dug out a bed for strawberries. As we have Mares Tail I am trying to dig deep put in a permeable membrane and then refill.

I finished putting felt on the new potting shed I built.

Put a new regulator on our calor gas allotment supply which is now working again.

The rain last year was a disaster apart from .... damsons.

From a distance our allotment damson tree looked like a giant heather. The fruit was so prolific it broke boughs.

I got a damson gin recipe off web ... the best one was the half gin half sherry recipe (I think that was Stonham Aspal village competition Suffolk but can't remember now as I drank so much of the stuff !)

After allotmenting this fine day I took the dog out. I have a cycle lead attachment and the dog runs beside the mountain bike.

As I am nearly sixty I rely on the dog for pulling assistance, to supplement my pedal effort, up adverse slopes.

What we don't want is another year like last year. A scorching April and a wet remainder.

One of our granddaughters was two this week. Now that is a spring (on two feet) ... never stops dancing.

At 4:55 pm, Blogger Little Weed said...

Now that is serious work. I hope that we have a proper summer this year too as I still have several jars of damson jam left!


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