Thursday, September 21, 2006

Nearing the end of the season

There are Shows this Saturday at both Cliffsend and Acol Garden Clubs ( Minster was last weekend) and I think that is about it for this year. Luckily I planted my runner beans exceptionally late this year and they are just beginning to crop really well. I lost all of my tomatoes at the allotment due to tomato blight which surprised me by spreading to the courgette plants but I had more or less finished harvesting them. So the only tomatoes I have are in the greenhouse and I am having to fight my way through enormous spiders and their webs to get at them, I have never seen so many before.

This is one of my favourite areas in the garden especially when the Canna is in full bloom, I have it in a pot and think it could do with going in a new bigger one next year. I seem to have lost a Lobelia Cardinalis which I expect was due to the drought, I just hope we have a decent amouunt of rain this winter. Not just yet though I am really enjoying the late August we are having, I think the months have swapped themselves around!


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