Sunday, March 16, 2008


This post may ramble a bit as I have just come back from a jolly good night out but am now sitting here thinking. The sight of the ripped up Shannon Matthews posters started me off.
When I was working in a London stockbrokers during the 1960's I was quickly promoted to supervisor but all of the boys/men that worked for me got paid so much more than the girls for the same job that when one man got paid more than me I handed my notice in. I immediately got a big pay rise, due to my explanation that my eggs and butter were no cheaper than his. But the girls did not do any better, my very selfish thoughts at that age was that was their look out.
In the early 1990's I had moved to Ramsgate and my attitude to Margaret Thatcher was that she agreed that women's lib was rubbish but women needed to fight for their rights themselves and that was a good thing.
However she was to visit Ramsgate and I watched a television crew, who were bored with waiting for her, arrange a local demonstration and their police escort, who were equally as bored, in to a really good rant with the police holding them back ( what from ?)so that they could get some good pictures. When Maggie finally arrived it was much more subdued.
So what I am getting at is did people really rip up posters and celebrate without help from the press or did they just mumble 'that's a good thing' to themselves.
I think I had better go to bed now - god help me in the morning.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Guns in Thanet

Following the murder in Margate this morning, it made me think, we don't very often hear of gun crime in Thanet. I do hope this is just a one off and guns don't start appearing on the streets here.