Saturday, October 28, 2006


I have had to learn a lot of new skills this year and one of them is hedgecutting. Apart from a couple of 10 foot hedges I have a nice large 100foot one in the back. I think I have now cut about a quarter of it, didn't realise the cutters were so heavy. Well it was always cut very neatly and straight before but I have decided that a more undulating look could be quite aesthetically pleasing.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hanging about

I don't know how long this scaffolding has been up in Ramsgate but I guess it just might have been too long for someone.

Play time

The boys have started another scuffle in the playground, what is it with them? The majority of Thanet bloggers are anonymous to a greater or lesser extent, all for different reasons and that is their choice and should be left alone. Equally those that chose to be totally public should have their names respected. Time to calm down I think and just smell the flowers.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Wet weekend

Gathering people together- that being me, my daughter, down from London, and a very kindly brother-in-law - has been quite an effort as we are all really busy, but this weekend was it. So we gathered in my back garden to erect my new shed and the wind blew and it rained and rained. The shed is up but it was a really heroic effort from them both ( I kept finding an excuse to make tea, sandwiches, bake a cake, anything indoors). Maybe next weekend will be a bit drier so that I can fill it with all the stuff shoved in the greenhouse when the old one was taken/fell down so some men could spend an hour at that part of the wall it was too close to for them ( they will never know the trouble they caused).

Monday, October 16, 2006

Sheep wanted

I have not mown my back lawn for the last 3 weeks, tried it yesterday and the lawnmower doesn't want to know. I am going to have to do the whole thing with the little old qualcast unless I can find some sheep. From a brown wasteland to a lush meadow in such a short space of time.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Twice in the last week I have had to drive across London from East to West then vice versa, once in the congestion zone. I thought that I was very brave to drive through all that traffic and amazed at how much there was, then, today, I had to drive through Westwood twice. I am convinced that there was more traffic and that it took me longer. Maybe a congestion charge zone is the answer!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Political Bias

I read most of the Thanet blogs every day and have noticed how strong the left right bias has become recently. Being female I look after the local and personal and let the gentlemen run the rest of the world, which means that I look at the person as well as their politics. I went to Dr Ladyman's surgery in 1999, where I explained the problems of a bill that was due to go through parliament shortly and even had surprising help from his assistant in convincing him. When I left he was in total agreement that it would be bad law. He then voted for it and I heard nothing from him ever again and despite his being my local MP I have never set eyes on him since. Roger Gale is not my local MP but I have seen him at meetings, even where he has had to explain himself for not being politically correct as he was not, strictly speaking, on his patch until boundary changes occur. I always vote but the local politicians make it very difficult, where is the Liberal voice. The Parish councils are not politically aligned at the moment and I hope that doesn't change if Ramsgate should be daft enough to exchange it's Charter for a parish council. I know that there is a lot wrong with TDC but I think the tendency to blame it on their politics shows a short memory.