Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I don't like to get controversial in public but every time I have listened to the news in the last 24 hours I have got angrier and angrier. Of course Israel's retaliation is disproportionate, why are we, yet again colluding with America. If they love Israel so much why not move it to California get it out of the Middle East and sort out everyones problems. America was prepared to denounce, help break up and sort out another 20th century created country; Yugoslavia. Israel is anther that needs the same. Israel deliberately bombed unarmed UN observers and nobody but Kofi Annan has the guts to say so. The reason, so that there is no one there to watch them massacre innocent civilians in the area.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Luckily we can still use hosepipes at the allotment but only for half an hour or to fill water butts. I use most of mine on the courgette plants but now have courgettes coming out of my ears and there are only so many things that can be done with them. I have given so many away that I think friends, neighbours and relatives have had enough too. I am now allowing a couple to grow into marrows for the show bench let's hope one is successful. I was there by 7.30 yesterday morning and couldn't believe when by 8.00 I could feel the heat and the sun burning my back yet again, but I am not complaining. ( Stupid American spellchecker doesn't like courgettes either).

This is probably my favourite part of the garden, even better once the Canna flowers, but I think next year some of the shrubs will have to be replaced by the Bishop of Llandaff.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sitting in Clover

I managed to mow the lawns before the rain but seem to have a nasty plague of clover. It's no good asking for advice here as I get told that the flowers are as pretty as the white and yellow ones, which is their reason for not wanting to mow! I seem to remember that weedol is not the answer so that is going to be my excuse to try the new Homebase this afternoon for an alternative.
I still have things in the greenhouse to plant out and it is very late in the year, where does the time go?

Monday, July 03, 2006

Strange meals

This early in the season I have to eat what there is which gives some strange combinations. All freshly dug:- potatoes, beetroot, pak choi and a teaspoonful of peas. But it did all taste delicious and my daughter enjoyed it (I have to start feeding her again as she has decided that London is not ready for her yet). Shame that I have lost the pakchoi seed packet because I really should have planted the next lot by now.

Back in the garden the white area is coming into it's own now.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Supplementary tourette

Like Lucymail, I too was in Ramsgate last night. It was a lovely night and the place was buzzing, unlike her though I didn't even get a sniff of a millionaire Did take some photos though.

Isn't it pretty